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Impressing a girl is easy. VERY easy, when you know what you’re doing. And if you’re not impressing women right now, it’s because you’re listening to advise that does not take into account the most important point.



There are many tips on how to impress a girl who floats on the Internet. Apparently, the way to impress a girl is:

Buy your flowers

Take it to expensive restaurants.

They boast of important people you know

Tell stories about the exciting things you did.

Learn to be a good listener

Have you worked for people in the past? Of course yes. I am sure there is someone who bought flowers for a girl or took her to an expensive restaurant and was impressed.

Will they work for you? No, and for that.

Have you ever spent time with someone you could say was doing things just to impress you? The kind of person who exaggerates the stories changes the way they talk also changes the way they act, just to impress … The kind of person who knows what they need because they are looking for SOOO hard to impress …

Did you find them impressive? Did you also want to go out with them? No, I did not believe it.


Now, turn it around. Think of the most impressive people you know. They are the ones who come out and just think ‘Wow …’ Do they do things to impress you? Do they change the way they act or speak only to try to change the way you think about it?

No, they do what they want, when they want, because they want to do it. They are not worried about what changes the way people think about them because they do not care if they impress people or not. The reason why none of these tips on how to impress a girl will work for you is that you’re trying to impress the girl.

You are becoming needy, sticky and dependent on her to feel good. You’re making it feel exactly the same as when someone tries to impress you.

Is this what you want to do? Do you want to feel rejected in the same way that you feel repulsion when someone tries to impress you? The act of trying to impress her is what prevents her from impressing her.

Here is the secret of how to impress a girl: stop trying to impress her.

Stop trying to change the way you think about yourself to feel good. Stop being needy, sticky and push out trying to trick her into impressing you.


Learning tricks to impress her will not solve the fact that you are not impressing her. It will not solve the real problem. Something deeper must change to become the kind of man who is naturally impressive to women.


If you want to know the only thing that needs to change to be naturally impressive for women …

In it, you will learn why ANY advice on how to impress and attract women is fundamentally flawed and the only thing you need to change to naturally impress and attract the women you want.


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