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Ashley Graham is one of the most successful plus-size models in the industry, but there is a lot that people don’t know about the 30-year-old.

Although she has more than seven million Instagram followers, Graham can be private about her personal life.

In addition to modeling, Graham is also a swimsuit and lingerie designer and an author – hobbies she touched on in a YouTube interview with Vogue, where she was featured in the magazine’s “73 questions” series.

These are 21 things you may not know about Ashley Graham.

  1. She is the author of two books; an autobiography titled A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Really Look Like, published in 2017, and All the Stars Left Behind a novel.
  2. She keeps her purses spotless and cleans them out every single night.
  3. The model is lactose intolerant so she avoids dairy – but she craves “mac and cheese, every single day of my life.”
  4. Although she is a style icon in her own right, Graham considers Kim Kardashian West her fashion icon.
  5. If she had to choose one product to never live without, she would choose rose water.
  6. Graham’s modeling icon is supermodel Cindy Crawford, whose Revlon campaigns she had taped to her wall when she was younger
  7. Of all the countries, Graham would most like to visit India.
  8. She and her husband Justin Ervin met at a New York City church in 2009, where Graham was volunteering.
  9. Graham considers panty lines her biggest pet peeve.
  10. When asked what item every woman should have in her closet, Graham told Vogue a “bra, duh.”
  11. The best fashion advice she’s ever been given is “beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, rock your confidence.”
  12. The supermodel is into conspiracy theories revolving around the existence of mermaids and aliens – and loves watching YouTube videos about them
  13. Although she has walked in many runway shows, Graham thinks the hardest part is “staying focused and not looking at the audience” – a struggle when the audience is full of impressive people.
  14. Graham is confident and believes she can pull of anything – in response to a question about one look she cannot pull off, she said: “Curvy girls can pull off any look, it is what we do.”
  15. If she had to choose a spirit animal, she would pick a bird.
  16. Her advice for young women is to “love the skin you are in and be your own role model.”
  17. Although her career keeps her extremely busy, the model made time to binge-watch the Netflix series Stranger Things. If she could choose one show to get a reboot, it would be Sister, Sister.
  18. Her husband of eight years calls her “butt,” – a nickname she doesn’t think it is necessary for her to explain.
  19. Graham’s favorite lipstick is a nude color from Charlotte Tilbury called Pillowtalk.
  20. She prefers SUVs over sedans, a preference she made clear as she got into a chauffeured car to New York Fashion Week.
  21. Finally, the one question she wishes people would stop asking her is “What do you think of the term plus-size?” Instead of the term plus-size, the body-positivity advocate prefers to use “curvy.”

Since becoming a supermodel in 2016, Graham has defied odds and carved a name for herself in the fashion industry.

Overall, Graham’s illustrious career in modeling has made her a role model and an inspiration.



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